Came up with a cool new idea

I've been in the language translation business since 2002 launching https://www.translation-services-usa.com/ in 2004. This makes me almost a 20 year veteran. We've addressed document translation business with human touch as in the end of the day, freelance translators is the only way to go to make sure the quality and trustworthiness of the translation.

However, the AI tools and SaaS has reached a point where human translation becomes too expensive and unmanageable at scale. The COVID-19 recession has added more injury to the industry and overall number of paid projects has steadily decreased in the past 6 months. Lots of human translators are facing extinction.

I've decided to launch Translation Cloud to address this trend toward automation and lower price point. As long as a the unit economics still hold up, we should be able to walk away with some profit. But it is a wild game at this point. I don't know.

I will be posting updates on the Indie Hackers and feel free to subscribe to our product and read about its milestones as we come along.

It's going to be hell of a journey to $1M ARR!!! I hope!

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