October 23, 2019

Featured in Slack's "New and Noteworthy" apps

Andrew Baker @AndrewTorkBaker

Later got listed today in the Slack App Directory's "New and noteworthy" apps.

I'm capitalizing on that momentum to essentially make today "launch day" for Later, starting with some launch content on Twitter (https://twitter.com/slashlater).

I'd love some ideas on other ways I can get the word out about this app. I suspect Slack's App Directory will never be a huge acquisition channel (I think people mostly go there to find apps for services they already use outside of Slack). My hunch right now is that focusing my marketing on remote teams is my best bet, even though Later's useful to non-remote teams too.

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    Congrats on the new and noteworthy placement!

    Could you use this as a prompt to get some user/customer examples and case studies of how the product has helped them?

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      I'm hoping so! Getting some logos on the site is definitely top of mind.

      I want to watch my usage data over the next few weeks. I'm really interested in figuring out how quickly Later can proliferate through a Slack team. It should be easy to spot the workspaces that understand and value the service, and then follow up with them.

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        It also seems like the kind of theme you could get on some podcasts to talk about: slack team etiquette, the problems with being always available, etc etc. If you have some articles to show off how you think about the problem, you can focus on the problem more than the product in a podcast interview. I think that'd be a pretty easy sell into any number of shows focused on remote work!

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          Ooh - I like that idea. And meshes well with my personal experience leading a remote team these past few years. I'd definitely have a few nuggets of wisdom to share beyond just promoting Later

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    Maybe don't feel the pressure of turning into a (big) launch. The situation reminds me of this post from @alexhillman - https://stackingthebricks.com/how-often-to-launch/

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      Sound advice! And I agree - this "launch" to me is mostly about taking advantage of that temporary placement in Slack's App Directory and a quiet Wednesday at my day job.

      I've definitely made the mistake with past projects of putting too much pressure on a single day. No matter what happens today, this will feel like just the beginning :D