October 20, 2019

Live in the Slack App Directory!

Andrew Baker @AndrewTorkBaker

After a couple weeks of revisions, Later has passed Slack's review process and is now live in the Slack App Directory:


And so Later is officially open for business. But my hunch is the Slack App Directory won't drive much of an audience to Later unless I get included in their "popular" or "new and noteworthy" lists. So it's time to get busy laying the marketing plan...

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    How do you handle payment? Is it through slack app dir ?

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      Thank you!

      I handle payments myself through Stripe. It's all wired up, though my theory is that this app needs a long free trial for Later to spread through Slack teams and make its value clear. So I'm starting with a three month free trial, which means folks won't be entering payment info for a while yet.

      And based on my experience I'm not sure Slack's App Directory would ever want to do payments. My impression is that their focus is more on making sure apps exist for other SaaS products their customers already pay for (e.g. Zendesk, JIRA, Salesforce) than apps which purely extend Slack, like mine.