December 3, 2019

Finished landing page, copy, and app idea/approach

Bryan Zavestoski @Zavzen

After owning the domain for over a year, I finally put some effort toward the landing page, copy, podcast, and other content that will be part of Latitude's growth.

The initial app idea was more focused around personal finance for freelancers and founders. However, after seeing some of the challenges that myself and others where facing, I discovered that 'making progress' was often a bigger challenge than managing money.

After being self-employed as a designer for the past few years, I've developed a few of my own systems to stay productive. They are inspired by GTD, pomodoro, etc., but customized to the specifics of being self-employed.

Latitude will take the system I've developed for myself and give other freelancers and indie hackers the structure they need to make progress on their projects.

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