December 4, 2019

Launched my podcast (with a sponsor+12 ep backlog)

Bryan Zavestoski @Zavzen

Yesterday the trailer and first 2 episodes of my podcast 🎤 went live (! More importantly though, it launched with a sponsor for the first 20 episodes. It wasn't a huge sponsorship, but it was enough to cover all the production costs of the show (editing, music, hosting, etc.).

Here's how I got a sponsor for a show that had 0 subscribers:

  • I didn't go after a wide range of potential sponsors. I put together 2 very customized pitches for 2 companies that I already used and loved.
  • The target audience of the show aligned almost exactly with potential buyers of the sponsor's product
  • I had a small existing (but somewhat unrelated) audience by creating free, valuable content for over a year prior
  • I explained what the show meant to me personally and connected the meaning and approach to the goals of the company
  • I explained how I would market and grow the show
  • I interviewed 11 guests before publishing a single episode (this helped me figure out exactly what the show would be and demonstrated that it wasn't something that would fizzle out)

The podcast is specifically for indie hackers about all the non-business parts of running a successful business (without losing your sanity). There are so many shows about design, development, marketing, etc. (which are all super valuable), but not as many about what it actually takes to show up every day and create something from scratch. We talk about productivity, mindset, meaningful work, and a variety of other topics.

The first few episodes feature @brendanhufford , and we talk about using sponsors for monetization (see above 😀), setting aside unstructured time aside to disconnect, and how to manage side-projects, kids, and a full-time job. In the next few weeks, fellow indie hackers @Mubs and @anthilemoon will be on the show.

Latitude is one of the first projects I've done that has a lot more "heart" to it than some of my previous projects. It's now in pretty much all the podcast directories (, and I'm really excited to see where it goes from there!

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