August 29, 2019

The best LaunchPropeller experiments so far


Every new service idea becomes a new card on the website with its own URL so I can post it everywhere. The best experiments are so far (sorted by number of customers):

  1. 📯 We post your project to 150 websites

This has the most paying customers so far.

  1. 🤓 Get feedback

There seems to be a market for blunt feedback. Getting paid to rant is great!

  1. 🎬 Get a review video

If done right, some people pay money for that :)

  1. 🤖 We program that for you

I underestimated how much work that is, oh god.

Some interesting observations:

➡️ For each service I got some traction after posting to HackerNews and Reddit but the traction quickly drops when the posts disappear. I'd need a constant stream of posts.

➡️ If I double down on things that work I move into directions I was never interested in, for example SEO by posting to 100 websites and writing cold mails.

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