January 27, 2021

Added Stripe integration

Jannis @jayfk

One of the most tedious tasks when setting up a new project is to implement the whole payment flow and subscription management. Especially for a SaaS backend which needs to know about the current subscription state of every single user.

Launchr, the Open Source SaaS starter template for Django, now has full Stripe integration. I've updated the code last week and just finished the first iteration on the documentation for it.

If Django is your go-to framework or if your are new to web development and want to create your first SaaS, make sure to check it out. It's also on GitHub.

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    Congrats!! I just did it for mine this week too. I sent my first real payment (my own money) a minute ago :)

  2. 1

    I did implement this in a Node.js stack and I can confirm Payments, Subscription and managing that is certainly one of the difficult and tedious task to implement.

    Just used the Launchr demo and it works great. Congrats!

  3. 1

    Good stuff! Congrats on an another milestone
    I was actually looking for something like this but python is not my stack. Would it be possible to plug external sources / is launchr has an admin API interface?

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    I’m trying to build my own SaaS payment system for subscriptions using Ruby on Rails. Anyone here has any experience building it either using a Rails gem like Pay or from scratch?

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    Stripe is the one of the easiest subscription tool for SAAS. If you think it is tedious, just try to get back 20 years ago and try to figure out how to set it up! ;)

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    Congrats on relaunching Launchr!

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