December 15, 2019

2 days- 50 active installations on our Shopify App

Kien Tran @shinetheme

Hi Everyone,

After long time development for release Shopify App on the Shopify app store, we are released it on Friday 13, 2019.

Currently, after 2 days we got 40 active installations on Shopify and of course, everyone is trying with it for now.

We are just starting to intro it on Indiehackers and Product Hub page here:

These results make us very happy to focus on continue to update our product better next time.

Currently, our App comes with 7 homepages, landing pages layouts, and 52 sections( blocks) that help the store owner easy to mix to create their store layout by their ways.

We are working and our plan is release from 30-50 full layout & block sections each month.

We hope this will help the store owner who doesn't know about technology can build their store as step by step without coding and design skills with a low budget.

The WordPress version we are a plan to release in March 2020 and we hope our product can help everyone can build a website in any kind of business.

You can try it out and give us feedback that would be great for our team to make it better with your feedback.

Thank you so much!

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