December 18, 2019

LayoutHub got 60 active installations, 3 review 5*

Kien Tran @shinetheme

I'm very happy to continue to share with you our growth each day we got.

Total of store active now up to 60 and we have 3 ratings 5* for our product and our support team.

All of our team focus on any questions, anything not clear from the client about the product and answer and helps all of them.

We think with a new product, for helps the product get more users should focus on support, and help clients deploy their store/website and successfully with our App that is the best way to growth.

When the client gets money than our app also likes that. But out of it is happy from our clients because they had found the right app to handle their website design will minimal cost.

I will continue to update our progress on how to grow our App here for any founder can following and discuss.

Thank you for following LayoutHub!

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