December 17, 2019

My first ever $$ for a piece of code

Vova @vdev

Just got my first ever $$ for a piece of code.

And I am not even a developer. Just an old finance guy who codes for fun. I don't even like this tool I got paid for.

I have a good yet demanding full-time job, and honestly, after a couple of months of night work, I was ready to stop this "coding for fun."

Then I thought it would be stupid to quit when it's almost ready. This "almost" happened to be like 20% or close to it, but I somehow finished it, tested it ...

And then I thought how stupid that would be if people won't be able to pay for it, since otherwise I'd be losing money. That meant another coupe of months of night coding, as well as writing, drawing, talking to Google moderators, etc.

Suddenly I realized how stupid that would be if people can't find this tool even when they search for it. So I've wrapped up a simple website and even wrote there something that is supposed to be a SEO friendly texts.

Wouldn't it be stupid having a product website without a single link to it? Of course if would, so here it goes, my first ever external link:

I didn't expect anyone to pay for it, but I was wrong.

That feeling, when getting the "You have a new subscriber..." email -- it's absolutely worth all my sleepless nights!

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