November 13, 2019

Published Barebones Landing Page


Finally got something tangible together and published a very simple landing page with mailing list subscription form at The page is definitely barebones still and I need to add quite a bit more information there before I can expect actual signups. I took full advantage of and their "Evie" page template. The mailing list is using mailchimp for now, and that turned out to be surprisingly tricky to get integrated in a nice enough way.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • 6K MRR + huge affiliate marketing learning for you
    We hit another significant milestone this week. We reached $6,000 MRR after a little over six months of being in business. ![6k MRR BABY](https://hype
  • Trying out a monetization strategy
    Decided to give affiliate links a go for Open Startup List, now that my traffic is steady around ~700 page views p