Made $5,000 in a single month (organic)

Last month was insane! Both of my courses Learn JavaScript and React Tutorial generated USD5,000 in revenue with a very minimal cost (180$). No marketing budget, no ads!

The reason why I think this happened is:

  • React course launch! The JavaScript course has been online for 1 year now, and the React course was launched on January 2020 which spiked sales
  • A lot of students realised that they need a stronger JavaScript foundation first so they found the React course and ended up buying the JavaScript one (might have to do bundles in the future)
  • A University I'm working with bought the course for their students
  • It's January and people are excited to learn a new Programming language!

What's most important though is that user feedback is more positive than ever and students are loving the learning experience and that excites me so much!!

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    Dude. Well done. I didn't really want to Learn JavaScript a few minutes ago and now I do ;)

    1. 1

      Thanks 😄😄Glad to hear!

  2. 3

    Reading your name put a smile on my face.
    I first met you when you were a KID in Lebanon shortly after you dropped out of uni I think. Happy to see that your course has been a success!

  3. 1

    Congratulations! We are also thinking of launching a YouTube channel. Thank you for posting this! It was very helpful!

    Co-founder of CRUU
    CRUU, the best darned React development tool ever invented by humanity this week.

  4. 1

    Congratulations and thank you for the great post
    I'm launching passportlist.co version one this week. WIll be very grateful for your quick feedback on how to improve it and grow.

  5. 1

    How is your product different from codeacademy or freecodecamp?

    1. 1

      What advantages does your product offer?

      1. 1

        The content & the UX

  6. 1

    Great !
    Is it only interactive without video tutorial?
    Who did you market it?

    1. 1

      Please check the answers below, indeed there are no videos

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    So I came here to read your story, but when I clicked on the link, I couldn't stop following your React tutorial so haven't had a chance to finish reading here... sorry. Good luck.

  8. 1

    wowww!! What a good news! Congratulations man! :D

  9. 1

    Congratulations! 🙌

  10. 1

    This looks great! The interactive tutorials really stand out compared to video courses.

    Hiding the pricing until you sign up is an interesting decision. I like to know up front but this way encourages people to dive in without worrying about price. Is the percentage of people who pay after completing the free lessons pretty high?

    1. 1

      I think from the Account creation to payment it's around 1%
      Keep in mind that I don't send marketing emails so users are encouraged to create an account try and then drop out if they don't want.. I will never email them again
      But I am working on improving it and removing some friction

  11. 1

    Nice man! How do you promote it? there are already pretty good courses about react since yrs ago.

    1. 1

      Thanks! I just sent it out to a couple newsletters.. Most of the income is from the JavaScript course which is now 1 year old (not in terms of content though as it's constantly updated)

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    Congrats man, really nice to see online education achieve success. The idea of the mobile app with the flash card is a great one I might steal it :D

    Anyway will be nice to see some information on how did you promote your courses. Reading your milestones and comments looks like you had a jump start on HN and few articles pointing to your course, I think because your approach is kind of unique and that's good to differentiate from other courses.

    BTW if I am not asking too much I would like to understand better how you promote your courses, I have an hard time promoting mines because I always fear to seem to salesy 😊

    1. 2

      thanks! Yeah indeed, the HN was a nice jumpstart but also a lot word of mouth has helped
      Thing is, if someone is searching for "Learn JavaScript" and finds the website, they are orders of magnitude more likely to convert than someone who was browsing Facebook and saw an ad.. which is why I'm doing doing an ad but simply optimising the experience

      1. 1

        Sure, optimize the user experience is a great selling point and I have lots of work to do to improve the conversions rate on my website. I am lucky enough to get thousands of visitors a month on my website but the conversion are really low...

        For this reason I was looking to hear from your experience how do you promote and sell your courses 😃

        I am sure that you're approach in teaching is a great selling point but was also curious to learn something else.

        Thank you for your time and your answer!

  13. 1

    That is awesome! Congrats!

  14. 1

    Congrats! Your result is pretty amazing :)
    May I ask you, how you created your grader? I always wonder if it's hard to create a system running a piece of code in a browser and grading it. Thanks!

    1. 1

      I use chai (testing library)
      Regarding the test runner, that is custom built and I've applied for Government R&D subsidy to solve some particular challenges

      1. 1

        That's interesting, thanks! Not sure that I understood about your gov application, how it is related to your project?

        1. 1

          I meant that it took a lot of time and it there was probability that it would fail
          so I applied for R&D subsidy as a boost

  15. 1

    Hey, congrats for the achievement. :)

  16. 1

    Congrats. What framework are you using for running the tests ?

    1. 1

      Thanks! On the React course I'm using Chai with a custom built test runner
      On the JavaScript course I'm using a custom built test runner and custom built testing framework

  17. 1

    What's the pricing for the course? I can't find any information on the site. There is a free version as well?

    1. 1
  18. 1

    Very nice and congratulations. I'm a full stack developer and entrepreneur, always happy to discuss ideas and see if there's room for collaboration somewhere. Drop me a line if you are interested in a chat.

    [email protected]

    1. 1

      Thanks! Do you have anything in mind? You can also check what I do at https://jadjoubran.io

  19. 1

    This is super amazing. Can you share which framework/technology did you use to build this website and course?

    1. 1

      thanks! I'm not using a framework on the frontend. I do use lit-element for reusability (it's a library on top of Web Components)
      I like to build stuff by hand so tried to stay as low level as possible :D

      1. 1

        I wanted to build something similar but for product management stuff. Would you recommend any tool to get started with? I have fair knowledge of coding as I was a dev before becoming a PM.

        1. 1

          I'd say whatever you're comfortable with.. at the end of the day users don't care if you use React/Angular/etc.. so focus on UX more than the technology behind it

          1. 1

            agreed 100%. However, my question was is there any existing open-source software or a paid Saas application which lets you build interactive courses like the one you have?

            1. 1

              oh okay.. unfortunately I'm not aware of that, which is why I built the platform myself
              but maybe nowadays there are some

  20. 1

    Hi Jad, good news there!

    I would like to start teaching Ruby and Ruby on Rails online too. I have put together a simple landing page on my website here - https://courses.collinsruto.com/, and received a few emails.

    Would you mind being my mentor pleeeease? 😊

    1. 1

      Nice! I think your course is a video course right? Unfortunately I don't have experience with video courses (and my previous video courses sucked 😅)

      1. 1

        Ouh, haha ok. I thought your courses were video courses too?

        1. 1

          no there's no video in them

          1. 1

            Alright, no problem. All the best with your courses!

  21. 1

    I make www.juniorjobsonly.com - website where people may find their first IT jobs.
    So, I have got idea to build it bigger if you are interested, for course platform, as separate project. Contact me if you are interested, I see potencial here.

    1. 2

      Nice website! Will message you

        1. 1

          Yep already emailed you 👍

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    This is amazing dude! A big well done and congrats. Do you use a platform for your courses? Udemy / Teachable / etc or have you built your own course platform? What way did people find you if you don't use a platform?

    I've been outlining a course in web development for beginners for a while now and I've thought about going down the udemy route. Although i know there are fees etc.

    Interesting just to get your thoughts.

    1. 3

      Thanks! :D
      I built my own platform as I had some special features in mind that I cannot achieve through other mediums.. so not really worried about the fee but more about the whole experience

      1. 1

        That's amazing - Nice one ! Where have you seen your organic traffic coming from then if no marketing / ads? Aside from the uni students etc ? This was my debate with myself as Udemy has a big audience already which i'd like to try out for my first course.

        1. 2

          yeah sorry I just realised I forgot the 2nd part of the question
          Organic traffic is mostly from Google as well as some articles that have linked to the course
          The problem I had with Udemy is students are used to buying courses only on sale.. it's very typical to see a course for 200euros being sold for 5euros during sale
          and it just doesnt seem right

          1. 1

            That's absolutely incredible then - big congrats! Long may it continue for you ! 🎉

            Yeah i noticed that as well. I was toying with creating my own platform as well. Though i really wanna just get my first course out there and see what happens in a way.

            1. 1

              Thanks and good luck :D

    2. 2

      I would like to develop an online course too! Personally I am considering Podia (podia.com), an alternative to Teachable. Anyways, I think we should find a platform for us course creators to discuss and help each other in this process, what do you think?

      1. 1

        That's cool man! Yeah I am totally down for that. Do you have twitter? Reach out to me and we can connect. @93alan

        1. 1

          Awesome, yes. I have reached out

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