February 3, 2020

Made $5,000 in a single month (organic)

Jad Joubran @jadjoubran

Last month was insane! Both of my courses Learn JavaScript and React Tutorial generated USD5,000 in revenue with a very minimal cost (180$). No marketing budget, no ads!

The reason why I think this happened is:

  • React course launch! The JavaScript course has been online for 1 year now, and the React course was launched on January 2020 which spiked sales
  • A lot of students realised that they need a stronger JavaScript foundation first so they found the React course and ended up buying the JavaScript one (might have to do bundles in the future)
  • A University I'm working with bought the course for their students
  • It's January and people are excited to learn a new Programming language!

What's most important though is that user feedback is more positive than ever and students are loving the learning experience and that excites me so much!!

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