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My students were asking me for an up to date & modern course about JavaScript.

February 24, 2020 Published my first blog post

Hoping to rank for more keywords, I started blogging on Learn JavaScript's blog.

The content are geared towards beginners and have a unique style which I'm already following in the course.

  1. What do you think of the current format?
  2. Do you have any topic suggestions that I should write about?



February 17, 2020 Cut bounce rate by half (50% to 23%)

By delaying Login until a later stage, I was able to cut the bounce rate from over 50% to 23%.

The Sign in with Github button was replaced with Get started which allows users to try the first chapter without an account. Then if they like it, they can decide to Register.

Feb 4 is the day when I rolled this feature (noon) which explains why it's around 30%.

Screenshot of Bounce Rate over the last 30 days: https://i.imgur.com/9hEeqFe.png

February 3, 2020 Made $5,000 in a single month (organic)

Last month was insane! Both of my courses Learn JavaScript and React Tutorial generated USD5,000 in revenue with a very minimal cost (180$). No marketing budget, no ads!

The reason why I think this happened is:

  • React course launch! The JavaScript course has been online for 1 year now, and the React course was launched on January 2020 which spiked sales
  • A lot of students realised that they need a stronger JavaScript foundation first so they found the React course and ended up buying the JavaScript one (might have to do bundles in the future)
  • A University I'm working with bought the course for their students
  • It's January and people are excited to learn a new Programming language!

What's most important though is that user feedback is more positive than ever and students are loving the learning experience and that excites me so much!!

January 7, 2020 600 Paid users

1 year later, the course now has 600 paid users and I've added 21 additional chapters since the launch (a total of 36 for now) and I plan on adding more.

I've added many interactive and innovative features to the site mostly based on user feedback.

Things I learned:

  • User feedback is super important
  • The feature suggestions from users weren't often elegant so I would only focus on listening to the problem and then think of a solution
February 1, 2019 First 200 paid users

Just one month after the launch, there were already 200 paid users.

Lessons learned:

  • Hacker News has helped a lot in terms of traffic
  • Many high profile developers picked it up from HackerNews and shared it on Twitter
  • My personal Twitter network has helped as well, the launch tweet has received 1k favorites and 300 retweets
January 2019 Got my first paying customer

It was a customer from France 🇫🇷.

It was a great feeling yet I was worried that only 5 users would buy the course and that I'd have to either reimburse them and cancel the course or simply update it just for 5 users.

Luckily things worked out just 1 hour after.

January 3, 2019 Launched on Hacker News

I submitted the website on Hacker News and 1 hour later I realised from my analytics that it made it to the homepage!

Got around 30k views from HackerNews & related traffic in the first week.

I got many negative & positive feedback from HackerNews.

Some things I learned: Make it super clear that the product is paid (this was something I didn't think through. Problem is you'd only see the payment page after you finish all the free content).
I ended up patching it quickly and adding a Free Trial icon so that users would expect that there's a payment somewhere.

January 3, 2019 Launched MVP

3 months after I started, I launched the MVP publicly which had bare minimum features and only 15 chapters! (Now there's 36).

Because it was an MVP, I made the price cheaper (launch discount) and I showed which chapters I plan on publishing and even the expected date when the next chapter will be launched (to show the users that this is actually in heavy development).

The first 4 chapters were free and they were asked to upgrade with a one time payment once they reach chapter 5.

October 2018 Came up with the idea

I kept receiving questions from my students and friends for me to recommend them a JavaScript course but I could not find one that covers all the topics that I had in mind.

So in 1 week I experimented with a proof of concept to see if I can have an editor and a test environment to teach JavaScript interactively.

And so the idea was born!

My students were asking me for an up to date & modern course about JavaScript.