October 1, 2019

Came up with the idea...?

Spencer Ayres @spencerayres

This idea has been evolving and being thought about for over 5 years. But finally, we've had the opportunity to see if it can work.

It definitely started as a problem I was facing - I was (and still am) learning at a fast rate than I have ever learnt, however, none of it is what you would normally consider 'education'.
Whilst I have Degrees and Masters, I learn way more from Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube Vids and other people than I do from courses. In fact, I really dislike courses (Ironic for a former teachers lol).

But I never really knew how good I was, what I should focus on next or how to connect my random 'nodes' of learning together.

Then the idea of Playlists occurred to me. If I can stitch together learning from all over the web into a playlist, maybe other people would benefit from it. Then what if I can see other people's playlists and then start to get recommendations based on where I am, where I'm going, my interested and who I follow.

So that's what we're building.

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