January 17, 2020

Getting ready to launch

Spencer Ayres @spencerayres

It seems like ages ago that we started to build our platform & it's been a pretty tough ride so far.

Back in October, we did a bunch of experiments to figure out which problem we should focus on. Our small team came up with a load of ideas, we short listed down to 10 and ran some landing page ads.

The results of the landing page experiments was clear so we went into a month long MVP build.

Just as we'd got to working prototype using a simple Ruby and Sinatra stack, our developer moved on. Nothing to do with the product, just needed a change. So I had to find some new devs.

We're part of Founders Factory, a UK Startup Accelerator and they'd just launched on off-shore dev team in Romania, so we gave them a go. They re-bulit the MVP, pretty much to the same spec but in a new stack - Python/Django with JS on the front-end.
Many people would argue against doing this. They're right in many ways, the stack isn't important. But speed and getting good devs is, so I don't regret this at all.

We did a soft Alpha launch and got around 700 people signed up. The product wasn't great, but people were using it. Usage was ok, but we needed a better UX and some critical features built to get more usage.

We're just coming to the end of this work and what we've got is looking great. We've also built Native iOS and Android apps (Nativescript) and a Chrome extension.

We closed off the app for new people to do a launch, so now we're building up to that happening at the end of January.

Quick Pitch:
Future Builders enables discovery & sharing of high quality & personalised learning playlists to increase your productivity and professional growth.

We're looking for some early users to play with the platform and start building playlists - although we don't have a premium version yet, we do plan to. For this early group of curators, we're offering a full year of premium features for free (Starting at the point of introduction of paid plans, not now).

If you feel like you'd like a platform to share awesome resources that people can learn from, fill in the short form and I'll get back to you - https://forms.gle/cnW48b5xD6oMi95J9

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