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Learn French while thinking about and improving your life

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I want to create an online course for people who wants to learn French while thinking deeply about important subjects of life such as health or relationships.

August 7, 2021 Season 01 (Health) done!!!

🍾🍾I am very happy to finally say that after working almost 3 months on this "series", the Season 01 (Health) of "Learning French with Life Questions" is completely done: recorded, edited and uploaded!!!!! 🎊🎊🎊

I am very proud of my self and the work I've done! I also want to thanks my working partner and friend @andrecasal for his huge help! Also to all the students who have participated to this project and still want to continu with me! 🙏🏾

I have a some changes to implement to make the next season better and to be more efficient but I am now more motivated and happy to continu building this content!

Let's see how long I will take to release the next season ! 😂🤔

July 5, 2021 Get an audience

I've created accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to start posting everyday the new video that has been released on Youtube!
This is a really cool part of the job, promoting your business!
I actually really enjoy writing my post everyday, adding the photo and see all this content getting popularity (not big popularity yet but starting 😅) .

I hope that will help me to get first more clients for my tutoring service but also get people like my work o that they will be interested in buying my course later.

June 1, 2021 Writing a good sell copy

For me writing a sell letter is the harder part. I like to write, I like the process of finding the good story to sell a product but at the same time it's sometimes very frustrating when you get stuck for days. To help me I've watched some VSL videos from Clayton Makepeace to learn the basics step of copywriting. It was very helpful! Then I also read some chapters of "Adweek Copywriting Handbook" book from Joseph Sugarman.

Here the result of my second copy: https://leah-meirinhos.medium.com/learning-french-with-life-quetsions-b918a3027d75

May 26, 2021 Launch of the first video

My first video is online.
I've launch the first episode of "health" season of my series "Learning French with life questions".
It took me some times to launch this first video by fear of posting something bad. But my content reviewer reassured me and now I am feeling very proud of the result.
If you want to watch, click this link: https://youtu.be/Kh8GF2qGKdU

May 20, 2021 Editing process
  • Decide how to cut the video (How long do I want each video to last?)
  • Create 3 different Thumbnails for each level with Canva
    This part of editing was taking me a lot of days to stop in one decision. But it was worth it.
    -I also search for a content reviewer for the first videos in order to comfort me on the idea that I was doing a good job and I was not making mistakes.
May 11, 2021 Recording firsts episodes

The day had come to record my first episode of my series "Learning French with Life Questions"! So excited.
It's a lot of fun to record. The student and I are a little bit stress when the "record in progress" appear. My list of question is ready, I just have to follow each question. I really enjoy to listen the opinion of each student. From each culture and generation, the answer is very different and sometimes very similar.

Next step: Edit and Upload!

May 8, 2021 Create the first season: Health

This day, I've created the list of questions about "health" to ask to my students. I like this part of the work, this is kind of the "thinking part". What kind of question do I want to ask? Where do I want to bring them? How to build the question so that it is specific but also very open so that they can feel free to give a personal answer.
After building the list of questions randomly. The next step is to organise them for each students, rectify them for each level so that everyone can answer and decide to which student I would like to ask the question.

Then we just have to record!!

May 1, 2021 My first series

Create a following that caters to both my online French course and my French tutoring service.

I decided to create the content as a series.
"Learning French with Life Questions" is a series splits in 3 levels -Beginner, medium and Advanced- so that each student chooses the most appropriate level.
Each series contain different season related to an important and interesting subject of life such as health, relationships or professional life.
Then each season contain several episodes with one or two questions about the main subject. In each episode you will meet different people from different age and culture.
Depending of his level, I guide the student to understand the questions asked and to answer properly in French.

April 28, 2021 Where does the idea come from?

I was giving French lesson on line to several different person from different culture. My approach of teaching French is to invite my student to speak the most they can and make them feel confortable with the language!
At the beginning, we were especially talking about some random subject such as travels, hobbies or food. Then sometimes I was asking deeper questions about life. And I realised that I was enjoying much more giving classes, and that my students liked it to and was making much more progress.
The class was not just me asking and the student answering. The class was a real exchange about ideas and way of seeing life. I was also learning so much! And I loved it!
So I decided, with the advice of my mentor André, to launch an online course for people who want to learn French while also having fun thinking about and improving their lives.


I want to create an online course for people who wants to learn French while thinking deeply about important subjects of life such as health or relationships.