LIT is fully open-source project now!

Learningin.tech is now a fully, open-source project!
Made it easier for everyone to contribute to it. LIT currently has 100+ resources in 8+ categories.

BUT, I also shipped a mini project called, "Sheet-to-JSON" which helped made this possible.

How? A Quick thread 👇

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    Hey @vd this is a great initiative. A suggestion to add another category is no-code, which has been gaining popularity in recent times.

    I was talking to a friend of mine about helping rural kids in India to learn how to use a phone, change google settings to their local language and search for tutorials on how to do things. For example a rural might need to go to a bank and write a cheque but dont know how to do it. Teaching the kid to change Google settings to their local language, type in "how to fill cheque tutorial in Hindi" on Youtube will help the kid understand how to do it.

    LIT could very provide the platform to help organise and display these soft skills in categories. I'll be sure to mention LIT to my friend in Hyderabad.

    Good work on LIT once again :)

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      Thank you, @nakkeeran for the suggestion. The only motto of LIT is to make it easier for everyone to find the right resources to learn the technologies they wish.

      I appreciate your feedback and will take a look into that area.

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        This could be very useful for college students too.

        Any plans to further dive deeper into providing learning resources for various coding languages and frameworks?

        Followed you on Twitter too :)

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          To be honest, I don't plan to go into core coding area because a lot of great resources already exists there such as freecodecamp.

          I wanted to build a place to learn technologies which everyone know exists but doesn't know how to get started in 😀

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            Yeah, that's a fair point and I can why doing it this way makes sense.

            It would be nice for colleges around India to promote the knowledge of technologies that exist and give them the resource links to learn if the students are interested in it.

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