October 16, 2019

CBS News network radio station featured us!!

Danielle Johnson @dinkydani

Leave Me Alone was featured on Sound*Bytes, a national radio show distributed to over 500 stations on the CBS News network!! I have no idea where they heard about us, but this is absolutely insane!

James played the clip to me yesterday morning, and honestly, I almost cried with excitement! It was soooo surreal to hear our product being recommended on the radio.

Their explanation of Leave Me Alone is so good, it's like a professional advert or something haha. I'm not sure if this station is real, or if I should be excited, but it feels good all the same :). I know at least 1 person listened to the broadcast before I shared it since we learned about it from someone on Twitter xD


  1. 1

    Ya'll are blowing up 🚀. Good job!

  2. 1

    Wow nice! "Leave me alowwwne!" with a wonderful accent and everything =) Love it.

    1. 1

      Haha I know it's incredible! Alowwwwwne that totally nails it xD

  3. 1

    put the recording in your web page .
    As social prove

    1. 1

      Nice idea! I'm in the process of re-designing our news page so I'll add this to the list! ty

    1. 1

      Haha thanks, I didn't do anything this time though 😅

  4. 1

    Killing it 🙌🙌🙌

    1. 1

      This was a very welcome surprise! :D

  5. 1

    Hah, that's awesome :D

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