December 7, 2019

Figured out what problem I want to solve

Rick Lindquist @ricklindquist

I want to focus on this problem:

"Navigating health insurance and personal health care in the U.S. is too hard and unhealthy (anxiety-ridden) for consumers."

The way I plan to learn how to solve this is by offering to be a "free" resource to beta users who don't have access to health insurance through their work.

Think of it as acting like a personal HR person / benefit advisor for the consumer.

Each beta user has the option of making LegUp Health it's broker, which enables immediate cash flow for the business (at no additional cost to the user).

I also have a private slack community for the beta users to share problems, learnings, ideas with each other. And I'll be available via slack DM for specific questions.

Part of the service involves an app that I'm building that pulls in specific information about the user, their family members and their policies so it can be a one-stop to check deductibles, coverage, etc.

Now I' focused on pulling an MVP together and launching asap.