October 11, 2019

PH experiment - can content make to home page?

Ilya Azovtsev @Azovtsev_Il

Everyone knows PH.
This is a great place to get initial traction.
I bet you saw articles like "Launched on PH and got 10K traffic"

It was like this. 2-3 years ago for sure.

But this is my story,

Yesterday I wanted to launch on Product Hunt with a piece of content.

It's a LinkedIn Marketing Checklist - https://ilya.today/checklist

Other people did that, and I thought that this is a great idea to test.

I spent a day to prepare everything (found hunter, prepared images and so on).

But this checklist didn't appear on the home page in popular.

I spent 6 hours talking to the support team.

It didn't help.

So if you want to launch on PH some piece of content - ask support before you launch it about their thoughts.

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