October 11, 2019

PH experiment - can content make to home page?

Ilya Azovtsev @Azovtsev_Il

Everyone knows PH.
This is a great place to get initial traction.
I bet you saw articles like "Launched on PH and got 10K traffic"

It was like this. 2-3 years ago for sure.

But this is my story,

Yesterday I wanted to launch on Product Hunt with a piece of content.

It's a LinkedIn Marketing Checklist - https://ilya.today/checklist

Other people did that, and I thought that this is a great idea to test.

I spent a day to prepare everything (found hunter, prepared images and so on).

But this checklist didn't appear on the home page in popular.

I spent 6 hours talking to the support team.

It didn't help.

So if you want to launch on PH some piece of content - ask support before you launch it about their thoughts.

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    What are you trying to achieve with this deceiving post ? I don't get it 😂🧐

    Better luck next time on PH. When I launched TrackMyLift I missed out by one spot with around 100 upvotes. Too many factors but this post is a bit pointless saying you got banned??

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    So why have you got banned ??

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      They didn't say 100% reason but learnings:

      1. If it's not a product and doesn't have features - it won't appear on a home page (it worked a year ago)

      2. If your product doesn't come to the home page till morning time by USA you won't appear there

      By "got banned" I mean "didn't appear on home page"

      1. 6

        Perhaps you can change the title of this post then?

      2. 5

        To get banned means to be officially prohibited from logging on to the website or in most cases even browsing the website. Banning software blocks users by IP address. Is your IP blocked from PH?

        Using the word banned is like saying these two mean the same:

        I didn't become the study body President of our high school this year.
        I was kicked out of school and can never go back.

        If you can still log in to PH, you should change the word because it's not even close.

        An accurate title for your post is more like "I tried but failed to reach the front page of PH."

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    Yeah, that was an emotional move to name this post like this.

    Just changed the name of the post :)

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    You could at least provide the link to your PH product...

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    Our content piece made it to the front page. But, it was very in-depth--close to 12k-words.

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    Product Hunt used to have a "podcasts" section and they removed it. So it may not be the best channel for content distribution... however, I'm sure there are some angles that could be executed in a way that would provide similar benefits.

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    what did they say? there's tons of "product" like that

    1. 1

      "We can't guarantee you appearing on a home page, there are dozens of factors and bla-bla-bla"

      1. 3

        It's true though, weekdays are insanely competitive. No one is guaranteed the homepage. Sometimes if your product is good enough they will feature you the next day.
        Many people work hard and don't get featured.

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