10-year anniversary

Less Annoying CRM just passed it's 10-year mark! It's been a long, slow trajectory to get here. For the first ~4 years, the co-founders worked other jobs on the side while building up enough customers to go full-time. In 2014 we moved from San Francisco to St. Louis and got our first real office and started hiring.

Now, we're at >21,000 paying users, 17 employees, and $2.5 million in annual revenue. Those numbers would have seemed absolutely unreal when we started, but we stuck with it for long enough that eventually it became a reality.

To celebrate, we recreated the dinner we had after hitting our first real milestone ever back in 2010. It was a great opportunity to stop and appreciate the journey we've all been on together. Now everyone is ready for the next 10 years!

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    Congrats Tyler and team! What is your next milestone?

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      Thanks! In terms of product/strategy, we're working on our first major redesign since 2012. We already have about 300 users beta testing it, and we'll be rolling it out to everyone around the end of the year hopefully.

      In terms of growth, 25,000 users is our next huge milestone (the last one was 10,000. We skipped 20k so that our celebrations can go 25, 50, 100). That should hopefully happen sometime next year.

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    Congrats! Really inspiring

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    Tyler, Congrats on a tremendous milestone. Just goes to show that the #1 most important characteristic of entrepreneurs is "grit."

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    Congrats Tyler! I am in a real estate investing group that is now pushing everyone in your crm's direction so apparently you guys are doing some things right. :) We will be soft launching an app ourselves in early 2020 and eventually will need to set up some integrations (either with your crm directly or through something like zapier) like scheduled events, campaign results, etc.
    But, anyway, congrats again!

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      Wow, that's awesome! It's still surreal to run into people using LACRM in the wild.

      Let me know if you need any help with anything. We don't have Zapier integration just yet, but we're looking into it for the future (Outlook is our top integration priority right now).


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    Awesome work! It sounds like it's been a fun ten years. Here's to ten more 🥂

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    Way to go Tyler, congratulations! That's a nice chunk of paying customers!

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    Incredible, this is a huge milestone. Congrats!!

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    Guys, this is really inspiring! People (including me a year back) usually think that you launch a project and if it doesn't bring anything back in like the first few months, it is dead. But it just needs more work.
    Your story about first 4 years being quite slow shows that hard work pays off and there are two ways of making your business successful - either you got luck or you work hard for a long period of time and make effort to get every single customer.
    Cheers to you!
    Hope that one day I will be able to share a similar story about Caliverse! 🙌

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    Amazing, congrats! You believed in it, stuck with it and made it happen.

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