Hit $3 million ARR

Less Annoying CRM just hit $3 million in annual recurring revenue! That comes from 10,422 customers with 24,067 total users, with an average cost of $10.39 per user.

We launched the product a bit over 11 years ago, so it took a long time to get here, and even now it's just a slow and steady march in the right direction, but it feels good to hit milestones like this.

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    Wow, that's fantastic, @tilikang. Congratulations. What's the most important goal you're shooting for in 2021?

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      Thanks! I'm the type of person who defaults to thinking about product, so I'll force myself out of my comfort zone and say the most import goal for 2021 is marketing-related.

      Specifically, I think that as we've grown, it's been harder and harder to find new marketing channels. I think this is because most marketing channels start small and build slowly over time, and as our baseline growth has increased, we've been less interested in small channels (similar to the classic innovators dilemma). So my goal for 2021 is to go back to how I was doing things in the early days and try to be scrappy and try out a bunch of little marketing ideas. I need to remember that a small marketing win in 2021 can turn into a major channel in 2025.

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        That's an interesting idea that small marketing channels grow to become bigger over time. And as with most things that compound, they look very small at the starting line. But you persist because you have the faith that it could turn into something bigger given time and effort.

        That was inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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    Congratulations @tilikang, a little late to the party (but new to IH). Do you ever think about offering annual subscriptions rather than monthly? Or just given your customer base it's not something that is very attractive?

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      Hey @lendvictor! We do allow customers to pay annually, but we don't really promote it both because it's not something most customers are interested in, and it's not really good for us. I get the appeal of collecting more money up-front, but I much prefer the simplicity of having reliable cash coming in every month.

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        That's super interesting @tilikang! I'm actually building a product that's at the intersection of SaaS companies and their SMB customers, that provides the SaaS company with annual subscription payments upfront (minus a discount) while allowing customers to continue to pay monthly. Most of the SaaS companies we've spoken to find the annual payment upfront attractive, but I'd love to find time to chat and get your perspective as it sounds like you're happy with the way your subscriptions are currently set up. We're also looking for a CRM provider so we could be a new customer as well :) More info on our website: www.lendarr.com

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    Congratulations Tyler!

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