September 12, 2019

Libertypool Blockchain Index is finally here!


We have been undercover with the updates until now but we have a surprise for you all!

All these weeks we have been busy. Busy with adding value to your life, busy with making Libertypool blockchain Index to make your life even easier.

All these months of planning and immense hard work has finally brought our dreams to life. Here we are launching our very own smart low risk investing platform. Libertypool Blockchain Index. Shoutout to our development team for putting their 100% into this project.

Libertypool was born out of the idea of a world free of monetary constraints. In today’s world, we are so busy with our lives and fulfilling the temporary goals that we often lose sight of the future. The future of us and our family. To have enough for ourselves is one thing and to have enough to also fulfil all our dreams is one. We all want to live the life we have always dreamt for but how many of us actually take a step towards actually achieving it. Every person who has made it big early in his life has one mantra, that is to invest. But let's be honest, we all want to buy that expensive addition to our already luxurious asset.

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