August 7, 2020

Launched my first product and made $300!

Calvin Rosser @crosser

In 2017, I started my blog and newsletter, Life Reimagined. Long story short… after growing up poor, I was able to find my way to financial stability and a fruitful career. But of course, I didn’t get there alone. I owe a lot to some wonderful mentors over the last decade and after years of learning of my own, I decided that I wanted to create a platform for empowering 10 million people to live a more fulfilling life.

Since launching this platform, it’s been a slow grind. I’ve read hundreds of books, written dozens of articles, launched a handful of scholarships (some of which are currently open!), written over 150 newsletters, and launched a podcast.

Along the way, I’ve seen many other people launch their own blogs or newsletters and grow much more quickly. Throughout, I’ve stayed committed to the mission, focused on high-quality inputs, and looked for ways to make my work more valuable. I would be lying if I said that I haven’t had self-doubt at times about how my work hasn’t had the same external markers of progress as others.

This week, I decided to finally launch a product of my own. Reading books has been my guiding light through all of this. You could say, the books I’ve read have become my foundation for life. They remind me about how to live, lead, succeed, and be a good person. So when I thought about helping others, what better way than to give them access to the very insights that have helped me so much in my personal and professional life.

That’s what Foundations, my first product ended up being: a growing library of my book notes. It’s funny, because this is something that I started creating years ago. But only recently did it dawn on me that I could turn it into a product.

To speed up the creation process, I used Coda as the interface and whipped up a quick Gumroad pre-sale page. Even though the product is ready, I wanted to use pre-sale as a way to gauge interest and test pricing, similar to how Steph Smith did a tiered model.

The only promo I’ve done so far has been on Twitter (which I joined recently) and to my newsletter of ~1,200 people. Together, those two efforts drove $300 in sales! In the grand scheme, it’s not a huge number, but it meant a lot to someone that has been grinding away at this for years.

Anyway, this is a long way of sharing a piece of my story and some validation that I’m getting years into my journey. I know there are tons of other makers out there that have been grinding away as well, so this is just a friendly reminder to keep going! You might be closer to success than you think.

P.S. If you’re interested in checking out Foundations, you can do so here!

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    Congrats on launching your first product!

    I too waited a long time (years) to launch anything that I charged for. I think it's something that comes more naturally to some than others. But great job on sticking to your mission and continuing to focus on providing value.

    And thank you for introducing me to Man's Search for Meaning so many years ago! 🤗