September 7, 2019

MVP ready, preparing for launch!

Gabriel Gallagher @tangible

After a very busy summer, we finally have a version that appears to get all the basics right. We confirm that we're able to build a whole course layout and our alpha testers all seem happy with the product as-is.

While our product may be ready, our storefront is definitely not. After a year of running the shop, we've found a lot of cracks in the foundation. Renewals are not being processed correctly and the process that we use to keep our plugins up to date makes it very difficult to make pricing changes while grandfathering previous customers in to older pricing.

We gut and rebuild our whole set up to allow a maximum of automation and flexibility going forward. We also completely revamp our product pages from a single page layout to a whole "site-within-a-site" concept. This allows each product to prominently display it's own branding, colors and sub-pages as if it were an independent site.

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