September 5, 2019

How we achieved 30% engagement on our website

utkarsh apoorva @kushon

We had 30% of the visitors responding to polls and interacting with us and 10% signups.

We had 29 valid visitors last week. Earlier, I had set up the LightCat feedback widget on the site - to collect responses about what the market really wants.

Of the 29 visitors, 12 (30%) responded to the polls. One specific result is quite interesting .

Question: Do you think polls will help you understand your market?
Responses and percentage of responses:

Rating - 5 (Strongly agree) : 26.67%
Rating - 4 : 33.33%
Rating - 3 : 6.67%
Rating - 2 : 6.67%
Rating - 1 (Strongly disagree): 26.67%

Note how the world is split into two types of people - those who like polls and those who hate them. Hardly anyone said that they were indifferent.

All other responses follow a trendline with one peak. This is the only one with 2 peaks - at rating 1 and at rating 5 !!

Earlier, we had segmented our market using similar techniques here:

My hypothesis with LightCat was that if there are closed ended, beautiful polls on a site, people will engage more than they do with chat widgets. So far it seems that we may be right about this.

Fingers crossed !!

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