January 5, 2020

MVP complete, and start of closed beta.


I've finished the MVP version of Lightfront. This includes:

  • Dashboard in React + Antd.
  • API in Go + Postgres + Redis.
  • Key verification on the edge via Cloudflare.
  • First version of the landing page.

Users who have a beta access code can now register on the dashboard and create a project. They can then:

  • Create users. Users are just a unique identifier of a user in your system.
  • Create scopes. Scopes can be used to define: endpoint paths (e.g. /resource), HTTP method restrictions (e.g. only allow GET requests), IP whitelisting, header restrictions (e.g. only allow requests with a specific header), etc. Optionally, you can group scopes into a scope group.
  • Create keys. Keys are tied to a specific user. Keys can either be a Secret Key which is allowed to proceed assuming it is valid, or Scoped Key which is only allowed to proceed if the requirements for the given scopes match.

Next up: spruce up basic landing page and prepare for closed beta.

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