September 5, 2019

Launched Lingua Robot

Roman Kishchenko @RoKish

Finally, after several month of work, I'm launching Lingua Robot, a RESTful API to get data about English lexical entries, such as words, phrasal verbs, multiword expressions etc.

The product might be useful for those, who need:

  • Get meanings of English words and their usage examples
  • Get pronunciation and transcription of a word
  • Lemmatization, e. g. remove inflectional suffixes ('runs' → 'run', 'simplest' → 'simple', 'children' → 'child')
  • Tokenize a word into morphemes or remove derivational suffixes and prefixes ('simplifications' → 'simple' + '-ify' + '-ation' + '-s', 'arrival' → 'arrive' + '-al')
  • Find different inflected forms of a word ('run' → 'runs', 'ran', 'running')

The main source of the data is Wiktionary, so the volume of the data is always growing as new entries, definitions are added by the community.

Basically, the service is very similar to Wordnik with the difference that my intention was to make it useful both for text processing and different vocabulary applications.

I'm looking for your feedback on the landing page and the product overall.

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