September 12, 2019

Link Control Launched

John Datserakis @johndatserakis

For a long time I had this extension idea in my head - the main reason I wanted it so badly is because, as my fellow devs know, when you're stuck on a problem you'll sometimes revisit the same google search a hundred times trying to gather the one important clue to get you unstuck.

Now I don't know if it's my eyes, or if the night-shift on mac just makes it worse, but the blue and dark-purple that google uses for visited links is literally the same color to me at 2AM.

So, I made this extension. It's built using Vue - if you're interested in building a Chrome/Firefox extension for yourself - you can check out an open-source extension I wrote that uses basically the same tech as Link Control -

So what this extension does is let you customize the color of your visited links. The default color is this bright red. Now when you do your google search you can instantly see which links you've already visited - it saves a TON of time. This is my experience - I guess if you see the links clearly than you're probably thinking what's the big deal.

So, something really cool happened as I started to use it in my normal browsing - I realized this is a feature that really helps in general internet use - not just late night google searches.

Because what happens is you'll sorta be browsing around and a link on the page will be the red color and you'll be like - "Oh ok I've already been to that link." It's kinda like setting little waypoints on where you've been.

Anyway - it's something that honestly has been really great to use as a developer and I wanted to share it here - maybe it can you get some use out of it as well. I think it's good for color-blindness type issues as well as some people before had mentioned.

Let me know if there's any questions on the extension dev process or anything else and I'll help if I can.

Chrome link:

Firefox link:

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