September 20, 2019

Came up with the idea

Andy Baird @ListTurtle

I wanted to solve the problem of knowledge being somewhat trapped inside of people. This was inspired by a series of life events that I realized others had been through before, and I wasn't able to tap into their knowledge about this things. I felt like there should be an application that could make it easy for people to help each other navigate through these times.

For example, when a loved one passes away the responsibility of planning a funeral, dividing up an estate, and dealing with legalities falls upon a family or individual. Many people have been through this before and might not even realize they have advice and tips that could help other people. This is the core problem I wanted to solve, making it easy to share and customize information.

I thought that lists would be an appropriate medium to share this information so the idea began with creating a "wiki" for lists.

So it was basically a wikipedia for lists or "wikilists" (domain taken). I learned that the wiki foundation's source code was open source, so it seemed like we would be able to get started fast.

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