October 22, 2019

Created "Essential Reading List for Indie Hackers"

Daniel Mathieu @dmathieu

Hey guys! My new site readlist.io is live and has almost 50 lists created! To thank everyone on Indie Hackers for your support and feedback, I've created an "Essential Reading List for Aspiring Indie Hackers" list with some suggestions for books that may help your journey.

I've seeded the list with 5 amazing books I think will really help you, but I'd also like this list to be a WIP together with you guys, so let me know what books I should add, and why, and I can feature you in the list.

Check it out here: https://readlist.io/dmathieu/essential-reading-list-for-aspiring-indie-hackers

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    Love the idea!

    Thanks for putting this list together.

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      Thanks Brian! You can look forward to more awesome lists in the future :D