December 10, 2019

We just launched on Product Hunt!


Since we launched our app, as we were neck-deep in podcast-land and realized something:

  1. Starting a podcast is similar to launching a startup. Esp. difficult if you don't know anything about audio production and RSS feeds.

    • How to setup a proper recording environment? (microphones, isolation, software)
    • How to produce and host the show? (editing, background music, hosting mp3s, analytics, website presence, submitting RSS)
    • How to manage the operation? (CRM, scheduling, video recording, social)
    • What is the best way to learn the ropes? (Community, education, blogs)
  2. With VC money flowing, there are new podcast startups and tools being created… but not many podcasters know about them.

    • Podcasters read “expert” blog posts that are 4 years old and get recommended inferior products.
    • Podcasting tends to be a lonely venture, so you’re not always seeing/hearing about what tools others are using.

I was inspired by Startup Stash and decided to create a curated resource directory for podcasters.

As I was collecting the tools and resources, The International Podcast Association published a large survey in which they identified this as the #1 want for podcasters. Nope, not ice-cream... But a resource directory! 🍦

Now, several months later, here it is! We’ve hand-curated nearly 200 products into neat categories to help podasters, investors, and people generally interested in the space navigate all of the products and services.

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