December 15, 2019

Implemented Chrome & Firefox Extensions!

Chris Kinniburgh @CJKinni

Ever since building the first implementation of, I knew that I'd need to build extensions. is a read-it-later tool, so it needs easy ways to send articles. Extensions are the obvious choice.

When I was building the first MVP of, I just used a bookmarklet. The bookmarklet was and continues to be a fine solution. But it's not great. I don't tend to use a bookmark bar. Adding it to the browser is a bit of a pain, especially on mobile. And people don't know what bookmarklets are.

A browser extension was needed. But I wasn't sure if I wanted to take past the testing phase, so I didn't bother. I did add email-based adding. Mainly because iOS makes it really easy to share via email, and I wanted an excuse to play with Rails 6's new Mailbox features.

But now I'm starting to get more serious about I really love using it, and I've listened to way more high quality articles in the past two weeks than I expected when I started building it. So this week I tasked myself with building the extensions.

They're simple, but they work. The Firefox extension is already on Mozilla's add-ons site, and the Chrome extension is awaiting approval!

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