December 17, 2019

Published Chrome & Firefox Extensions

Chris Kinniburgh @CJKinni

They're available for install!

Building the Firefox extension was deceptively simple. The APIs were straightforward, and I figured that thanks to WebExtensions being ubiquitous, porting it to Chrome would be simple. I was slightly wrong.

I'm not intimately familiar with the add-on ecosystem. But over the past five years since my last add-on, I'd heard so much about cross-compatibility of Firefox and Chrome extensions. I figured I'd build on one platform and they'd run anywhere. I was wrong. The thing I seem to have missed was that Firefox supports Chrome extensions, but that cross-compatibility doesn't work the other way around.

Starting with Firefox was the wrong choice. I had to rewrite every API call the way Chrome expected it.

Still, the extensions are very simple, and only took a few hours, plus a bunch of time to get them published online. The Firefox add-on review process was particularly pain-free and pleasant. I had a nice, quick back and forth with a reviewer, and enjoyed that they showed my place in the queue throughout the process.

I'm excited to have both extensions published online, since easily sending requests to is extremely important.

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