December 13, 2019

An Idea born out of frustration

Ankit S J B Rana @ankitsjbrana

I was working as a Digital Marketing Manager for a cluster of 6 different hotel properties located throughout Thailand under the Accor Brand.

This is where I was first exposed to Influencer Marketing.

The hospitality market in Thailand is crowded with hotels coming up left and right. With OTA (Online Travel Agents such as booking and agoda) taking commissions, the hotels wanted to increase direct booking and stand out in the crowd. One of the strategy was to work with Travel Influencers to raise awareness and increase direct bookings.

As marketing team, our job was to find travel influencers to partner and collaborate with. Finding travel influencers, filtering/sorting by key metrics, contacting them and finally getting a collaboration setup was a resource heavy task.

What if there was a website that had lists of influencers that provided key metrics and relevant information?

That is how how the idea of creating a website to solve the frustration came about.

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