October 18, 2020

listloliby.com MVP launched!


listoliby.com is live with its first checklists! 🎉

The goals I stated in my first post are all reached: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/lists-to-live-by/preparing-production-mvp-launch--MJXYHoqm1kxUiY74ZDE

✅ a basic landing page
✅ 5 checklists
✅ Checklists look good when printed

The next steps are:
🔲 Minor style improvements
🔲 Finishing the legal pages
🔲 Adding 5+ checklists

  1. 2

    what's the goal of this site ? are you going to monetize it ?

    1. 2

      Watching the website I've made myself the same questions. How would you monetize it? Btw that's a super clean design..A bit anonymous but cool :)

      1. 2

        I don't know, the service seems a little bit useless isn't it ?

        1. 1

          @El_crocodilo @N1ketas You raise a very good point!

          To be honest, I don’t have ideas to monetize it yet. I’m a big fan of checklists, but I think it is really hard to gain that many users so pro-features or affiliate links would make sense.

          My main objective of this project is to dive deep into the tech stack (Django, vue.js, DevOps) and add features that former project of mine did not have (i.e. REST Api, user registration). And who knows, maybe the project shifts along the way that makes monetization more obvious :)

          1. 2

            maybe you can make a system for letting your users creating private checklist and sell it to their audience easily (and create a marketplace on your front-page ?)

            1. 1

              Private checklists are on the roadmap already. The marketplace/audience-sale is a really interesting idea! Do you know services that provide a similar model?

      2. 1

        Thank you for your feedback!

        Could you elaborate on "a bit anonymous"? You mean the design itself or more the content/checklists?