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Harry found his best friend when he moved to NYC through Craigslist. We believe technology can be used to make friends and strengthen social circles.

September 22, 2021 Helped a local business market their event

We had a representative from the custom picture frame business reach out. This business also run wine and paint social events in new york city. They reached out because they wanted help with digital marketing. Over the course of two weeks we planned and ran a digital marketing campaign for the wine and paint event.

We walked the stakeholders through how to make and run instagram ads. We realized that their website e-commerce flow was inappropriate for buying one ticket at a time so we set them up with an eventbrite account. We recommended square for processing credit cards at the door. Our graphic designers made an attractive flyer for the event. The flyer was promoted on our instagram, facebook group, discord server, newsletter and in our private group chats.

August 24, 2021 Two Hosts had events

We had two hosts (Teresa Fong and Lina Aguilar) host their own events. Teresa hosted an Oyster meetup with 6 attendees. Lina hosted a smaller event where she met up with another woman group member (Rhonda). They hit it off. We are still identifying our "champions" the early adopters that love the idea so much that they are willing to try it first and push the product to all their friends. Our early hosts and moderators are our Champions.

August 3, 2021 Reached 600 curated members in our Facebook Group

We recently created a facebook group for This was an experiment to see how facebook groups work different from discord or instagram pages. One thing that became clear is that more women use facebook than discord. Makes perfect sense if you think of the origin story for discord, gamers.

April 24, 2020 Published first Newsletter email

We published our first newsletter. The first message was reviewed by the team and it covers the motivation and vision for Litt.

We made this a call to action for those that expressed interest in the project during the landingpage and social media marketing phases.
This virus has reminded us that people are what really matter and that we look forward to meeting our users in person in the next couple of months.

August 2019 Launched MVP

After ruthlessly prioritizing the minimum features for an app we got the first version of Litt on ios and Android. We used react native, redux and expo to build this app. It requires login with facebook to keep trolling to a minimum.

Now we begin the marketing work.

February 24, 2019 Came up with the idea

Moving to a new city is too hard. Lets make an app where folks can figure out what is worth doing nearby and also lets them make a profile so others can get to more about you.

I met my best friend though craigslist. Meeting people new people is not shady but there are no apps that let me meet someone the way I want.


Harry found his best friend when he moved to NYC through Craigslist. We believe technology can be used to make friends and strengthen social circles.