August 22, 2019

We started livedata

Catia Araujo @k7y

mkdir livedata

cd livedata

npm init

provide all data

npm install express --save

and we’re done!

It magically appeared

That’s how it works, right? 😆

Hah jokes aside, it kinda started like that (the code part I mean) the rest, well I think it came up in a conversation one day.

You know when you have those random ideas that just popped into your head at a random time of the day and you turn to your friend and say: “You know what would be an interesting idea for a project?”

Yeahhhh I bet you know what I’m talking about 🤪

So yeah I guess this was how it started. Chris came up with this idea to build a dashboard that would display data on a map in real time (mainly because of the place where he works) and mentioned that would be a nice project.

Since I wanted to get back to NodeJs (spoiler alert I am PHP developer but I’ve briefly worked with Node in the past) and I’m always looking for some new challenges and things to do on my spare time, I thought “Why the duck not!” 😂😅

And so we start this adventure!!!

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