November 3, 2019

Didn't hit the payment threshold

Mike Rogers @MikeRogers0

After peaking at £327 a month, I was pretty happy with how LivePage was going. Each month I get a payment from Google, which always made me super happy.

But each month, that payment would start getting smaller & the number of active users would drop also. I wasn't worried though. LivePage had earned ~£5k over its lifetime, it had made a bunch of users fairly happy & I learnt a lot.

In October, I didn't a payment come in from Google so I logged in to see what was going on. This month, I was a few pounds off the payment threshold of £25.

I think this was caused by the following:

  1. Better tools are out there now. You can hot reload React components now, so the amount of users who look for my extension is pretty small.
  2. I had moved on as a developer, so I hadn't kept up with maintaining the extension. I stopped using Google Chrome and I don't code JavaScript that often any more. It felt like it was designed in 2011 and I think that really put off new users.
  3. I don't think the chrome store pushes paid for extensions as much, in the ranking I'm noticeably behind extension with <10 ratings. Though this could be down to me not updating my extension in a while.
  4. If you type "LivePage Chrome Free" you can find a copy of the extension I didn't upload. I didn't really care about piracy as originally the product was free & the code is up on GitHub. But I imagine some users might be on this version.
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