November 3, 2019

Sprichst du meine sprache

Mike Rogers @MikeRogers0

I opened my bank and saw Google deposited £137 into my bank, which was the cash I had earn from sales in the last month. It was good, but not amazing.

Then I made a choice which increased sales to £327 a month, I translated my extension and it cost me next to nothing.

I had been interested in Internationalization for a while, every modern framework supports a way to say "This string, OK give it to me in the users preferred language or fall back". Chrome Extensions are no different.

I sent the file which contained all the strings in my app to a translation company, along with $50. A week later my extension & chrome landing page were available in a German, French, Spanish & Russian.

Almost instantly sales picked up :D

The big take away I had from this, was to always build you app with an intension of translating it. Even if you don't translate it, having the ground work in place for by using good I18n techniques is a very good win.

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