October 20, 2019

Came up with idea

Darwin D. Wu @darwin67

There has always been this small niche that I need a monitoring tool to monitor workloads that doesn't accepts network requests, like cron tasks and background jobs.

While the problem is not hard to solve, and I can literally think of 10 different ways of solving it, the pain has always been the intermediate complexity of the tool and the maintenance of it.

The tool has to be pretty reliable since these workloads tend to connect to customer complaints, and worst financial impacts like customer churns.

But then these kind of internal tools usually are never high priority when it comes to sprint planning. Also due to the intermediate complexity and the reliability requirement, maintenance of the tool eats up time in not a good way, while I tend to have multiple services and infrastructure that needs to be worked on.

I came across this problem twice in my last two companies I worked for, so maybe I thought I'll create a service for this niche.