October 20, 2019

Launched! (version alpha)

Darwin D. Wu @darwin67

It took a little more of a week, which is slightly longer than I expected but I have the infra I want to get LivePing going!

The hosting provider is AWS, with a self managed Kubernetes cluster. I decided to go with Concourse CI as my replacement for Circle CI, and started utilizing Spinnaker for handling deployments/management of the infrastructure.

This is definitely kind of an overkill for a MVP launch but I wanted to make sure to put my focus on improving the product moving forward, and the infrastructure needs to be well automated and streamlined in order for me to do so.

I've shared the app with some people that I initially conducted interviews with, and getting some initial feedback for improvements.

There's a lot to be improved on the UI/UX side so if you have any feedback or just simply confused of how to use the app, please let me know at [email protected] or feel out this form for me! :)


Next steps would be working on the initial feedback, landing page, additional features and other miscellaneous tasks in order to launch the beta version and actually announce it officially to the world.

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