November 21, 2019

MVP of The simplest URL shortener

Lincoln W Daniel @lwdthe1

We built and have been using this link shortener for our affiliate network and our tweet scheduling service, Signal, during the last year. However, until now, it has not been publicly available for anyone to shorten their links.

Yesterday and today, I got to work adding a frontend to it and am happy to make the very simple MVP of it available to the public to use.

At this moment, you can enter a link to shorten it. When someone clicks the short link, it'll redirect them directly to your original link. You can enter the link, or its short version, again at a later date to view its stats.

As for the future, I have many ideas of what to make it, but I'm not married to any yet. I'm still trying to figure out how to differentiate from Bitly and other URL shorteners, but one thing I know for sure is I want this to be the simplest URL shortener while providing unique and advanced features that other services don't have.

One idea I'm considering is setting this service up as the most developer friendly service so developers no longer have to build their own URL shorteners like I did while having a reliable, paid service to leverage. For this, I'm considering an AWS-esque payment structure.

I'd love to hear from any developers who has ever or wanted to build a URL shortener. Or anyone who has problems they think a developer-focussed URL shortener service may be able to solve.

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