October 15, 2019

+30% of sign ups. Released second story.

Dmytro Gladkyi @gladimdim

This week we reached 360 of total sign ups (and plays) for our interactive fiction game.

We released "Creator update" a month ago. It allows to create your own interactive stories on your mobile with a simple interface. Our second story "Massacre in Hotin (1621 year)" was 100% written in it. This proves that an interactive story can be written by using the smartphone. The second story is available only in Ukrainian, but the translation to English is on the way.

Another major development is done for the web version of the interactive story platform: a beta version of online editor is available: https://locadeserta.com/beta/#/. It has two stories for example. We plan to invest all our time in it, so the features will appear daily.

Writing our second story exclusively in our app on the smartphone was a huge verification point for our product.