February 20, 2020

~900 sign ups. Published fourth story.

Dmytro Gladkyi @gladimdim

The Loca Deserta interactive fiction game has almost reached 900 registered users. New players mainly use web version of the game. I am more than happy I selected Flutter as the framework for buildings this application. I can now share identical code between iOS, Android and Web targets.

The fourth interactive story 'Last battle at Berestechko, 1651' was published just few days ago. Currently only available in Ukrainian.

I also started a new game in city building genre: 'Loca Deserta: Sloboda'. In this game you will lead the new settlement on the edge of Ukrainian Wild Frontier in XVII century. The main feature of the game is events. They are generated based on stats of your settlement and on your actions. For example, if you raid the enemies lands, then you can get resources and glory, but at the same time enemy can revenge you next Spring...

The goal of the game is to send resources to the Cossack Sich. Efforts from all players are added and you will be able to reach certain achievements.

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