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Our mission is to help developers translate their apps to more languages in a developer-friendly way, to share translations between apps and save money, to help people use their favorite apps in their native languages.

July 5, 2021 €1k MRR

We were not pushing revenue, so we offered only one-time payments and service fees while developing paid features.

A month ago, we introduced subscription-based pricing and in one month, we generated €1k MRR.

I'm happy to see this trend and I also strongly believe that our subscription that contains also credits for professional translations from real human translators is transforming change.

January 19, 2021 #1 customer with $1305 spent in 30 days

We provide more value than other similar services for free. We don't lock people with monthly fees. Of course, we also have some paid features but most of them are still under development.

Today, our #1 customer increased his account limit and ordered more of our Virtual Contributor, a revolutionary human-assisted machine translation engine, spending $1305 over the last 30 days!

Nice value for the technically free service without monthly fees :-).

December 20, 2020 Virtual Translator released & 1 customer

Just two days ago, we released our Virtual Translator - human-assisted machine translations. It automatizes app localization using neural network translations and our unique ShareTM with a quality assured by human touch. The quality is way better than machine translations and the price is lower than for professional translators. It's a perfect match for cheaper initial localization.

Today, it's already localizing its first app and has the first paying customer.

I'm so excited to see it in action! It's not a weekend project - there is a lot of work behind it and many puzzle pieces that have to fit together. And it works! Wow!

October 28, 2020 The first revenue

Until today, I spent around 18 months working on Localazy. Around the way, users started to come and they love the service. But so far, we don't have billing available nor we charge anything.

In fact, the whole payment part is still being under development as we first wanted to build a useful core service. We know that we are doing great as, so far, we have collected a lot of feedback... a lot of positive feedback.

As we need to keep revenue in mind and be eventually able to earn money to keep the service running, we started to ask our users to build the billing correctly as well.

On an almost voluntary basis, we received our first $100 from a loyal user! That's proof that the service has value!

September 25, 2020 Useful Content Released for Developers

As a part of our content marketing strategy, we have released a bunch (10) of articles on very interesting topic for Android developers. While we consider it to be a driver that will tell developers about our service, I also hope that it will help a lot of developers to build better apps.

That's what I think is important on the content marketing - bring the true value for the reader.

Here's the series:

September 10, 2020 488 Active User & 78 Active Apps

There are more than twice as many registered users and 3 times more apps, but we focus on so-called active users (those that have some apps or contributed translations to some apps) and active apps (those that have active content/translations).

It's still just a begging... ;-).

September 9, 2020 7 Formats & Customer Success

Today, we've launched a support for 7 new formats which is something that allows us to be a viable solution for almost any localization need for mobile, desktop and web apps.

Now, we would like to focus more on marketing and customer success. Our development plans are about improving the experience for our users, better understand them and also to improve our ShareTM technology to be even better.

August 24, 2020 CLI & Support For More Formats

From its very begging, Localazy was only available for Android. Thanks to our Gradle plugin, it was (and still is) the best available solution for localization of Android apps. Fully automated with online/OTA (over-the-air) updates of translations and new languages.

It worked great for Android and so soon after the official launch, we started to receive requests to introduce Localazy also for other platforms.

The tight integration, we had for Android, wasn't possible everywhere and so we instead came with idea of configurable developer-friendly CLI (command-line tool).

It took us almost 2 months of extremely intensive work, but it's available now with support for many new formats!

If you want to a bit technical inside:

August 3, 2020 Great Feedback

We intensively work with developers and collect the feedback and so far, it seems that we have a loved product. I'm so glad to hear that our users really love what we do.

One example: There is no easier way to get proper translation for apps. The process is almost completely automated, it supports string arguments, adding comments, ability to review translations and so much more. Thanks for providing us with this great localization tool.

We need to figure out how to bring more developers on board. Any ideas?


Our mission is to help developers translate their apps to more languages in a developer-friendly way, to share translations between apps and save money, to help people use their favorite apps in their native languages.