August 20, 2019

LocalChef begins

Florian Grignon @flog

After making the goal of LocalChef clear, and learning new technologies for the project (mainly Haskell), I coded during couple of months the MVP.

The MVP is launched end of August 2019, around one year after the pivot.

The first goal of the MVP is to gather couple of users to know if the platform is functional, having a bit of visibility on the search engines, and also contacting food trucks by phone to know if they are interested in the product.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Secret Settings
    Secrets is the new feature in Stadium. Any data marked as a secret in Stadium remains your data and is not stored in the application file (or better k
  • Launched Contentago 📑
    As some of you may know, I launched Consultily around 6 months ago, an on-demand platform where SaaS companies can hire myself as a SaaS marketing con