October 8, 2019

I got onto the IH newsletter. Sharing my metrics!


A couple of days ago I made it onto the indie hackers newsletter! Luckily I haven't shared my website outside of the IH community so I have some very clean metrics on the traffic that being a top milestone on IH + getting on the newsletter brought to my site.

Some interesting things I've observed:

  • Being on the newsletter doesn't give that much of a difference in traffic compared to being #1/#2 on the milestones the previous day
  • When you post a milestone it appears on the posts feed the next day (not sure if this is only for top milestones or all milestones)
  • Most of the traffic came during 6AM-9AM PST. I'm assuming this is when people open their newsletters the most?
  • A total of 62 people came from Indie Hackers

** NOTE: to see pictures, go to the Logo Game's product page. There appears to be a bug on indie hackers that is preventing images from showing up elsewhere**

Traffic that day:

Sessions by country:

Sessions by device:

Day before vs day of newsletter:

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