October 29, 2020

Logos for design startups are here!

Dagobert Renouf @dagorenouf

Hey there!

After three weeks of hard work from our designer Lucie, the logo catalog for design startups is complete!

logology logos for design startups

This means that instead of having just a handful of choices that apply loosely to design companies, we now have meaningful logo proposals for:

  • Ux designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Interior designs
  • Fashion designers

In total, that’s 43 symbols and 5 monogram designs. Just select the « design » activity when you complete the onboarding questionnaire to see them.

We first started our logo catalog with a couple logos per industry. For the past few months though, we’ve been digging into the most popular ones to offer more tailored proposals.

Here’s where we are on our logo design roadmap
✅ Marketing & sales
✅ Code & Development
✅ Education
✅ Design
🔲 Productivity
🔲 Communication
🔲 Finance
🔲 A.I
🔲 Gaming

When we get the remaining categories done, it will mean 2/3 of our users get tailored proposals. At this point we’ll start focusing more heavily on growth and marketing.

Ok back to work 💪. Next is logos for productivity startups!

  1. 2

    Love these logos! Do you think there would be any meaningful SEO benefits in spinning up landing pages for each category with some sample logos?

    1. 1

      Thanks! What we noticed is that people don’t search for “logo for my design company” or “logo biotech”. People look for logo designer, logo maker, etc. not for specific categories.
      That was a big disappointment initially cause it means we won’t be able to rely on search until we have logos for every category, which will take a while.
      So yeah I assume category landing pages could help, but don’t really see how it could move the needle that much.
      One caveat is that I relied on google ads for keyword research. There could be a lot of long tail words with tiny volume to target with these landing pages, and that could bring a couple of sales per month for a tiny investment.

      1. 1

        Interesting! I guess that's not terribly surprising though.

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